Altcoin Scalping In Downtrend TokenTact Trading Academy

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They have in-house trading specialists who are always available to suggest strategies to beginners and help users encountering issues with their strategies. TokenTact also has a telegram community where professional traders and beginners interact and share strategies. With bots, you don’t need to stay glued to your screens, once you pre-set your rules, the bots execute and work for you while you sleep.


Many customers cite how easy the platform is to use and learn on, even for beginners. You can also adjust the allocation of your automated trading strategy with a few clicks using a Direct order. There is no need of accessing your wallet on the exchange to buy or sell coins as you can do that directly on TokenTact.

  • For more specific inquiries, TokenTact’s team can be reached via email.
  • The security features form multiple layers which prevent hackers from breaking into TokenTact servers and causing disruptions of services.
  • On the other hand, the sign of a major uptrend developing could be represented by the breach of a significant price level.
  • As an example, if you are trading the BTC/USDT pair, the fee is paid in USDT when buying or in BTC when selling.
  • These are valuable information that can make a trading system very profitable.
  • This being a script, based on the side of the orders, Tradingview will automatically adapt the message as “buy” or “sell”, triggering the relative actions on TokenTact.

The community and TokenTact support are very active on telegram. TokenTact is based in London, U.K. It is a cryptocurrency trading automation platform that allows users to create and implement trading strategies based on predefined rules and conditions. The benefit of using TokenTact provides its customers the knowledge they need to improve their trading strategies. As a first time user, running the demo with paper trading is suggested to know how things work before trading with real money , backtesting different strategies and learning from your results. The skill and knowledge you gain lets you realize new rules and use previous guidelines to gain an edge over other manual and bot traders in the market. An unrealised profit or loss refers to trades that are still open, for example, coins bought and not sold or vice versa.

However, they both offer so much more than simple portfolio management. There are trading tools, programmable/automated buy and sell functions, indicators, signals, copy-trading, the lot. You can build your very own trading bot, or buy an off-the-shelf strategy.

TokenTact seeks to accommodate active traders, both beginners and professionals. Their mission is to enable all users to compete with professional algorithmic traders and hedge funds. They achieve this by prioritizing product usability, offering an intuitive interface, and a step-by-step process for strategy development that avoids complex terminology.

One typical hurdle for crypto advanced traders is to manage their holdings among different popular exchanges. It’s easy to lose track of the balances of each coin while trading. Paper trading is a highly requested feature by traders who want to increase their confidence in a specific trading strategy. In case you want to test some strategies without the risk of losing your capital, you can try them out with a built-in paper-trading option. As we delve into the specifics, we’ll explore what sets TokenTact apart in a crowded market. From its array of trading strategies to its security measures, our TokenTact trading bot review will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

You also get to enjoy a complimentary three-month membership to the Hobbyist Plan, allowing you to utilize trading automation to its fullest extent during this period. Personal information is not collected directly by, instead all payments are routed through Stripe. The payment is marked as merchant-initiated transactions and eliminates the need for credit cards usage and cost of high transaction fees. TokenTact collaborates with CloudFlare to monitor and stop the platform from going offline thereby achieving high availability rate. The possible  way to identify a new uptrend developing is to watch out for sudden and strong impulse in price movements. During the month of May 2016, BTC had a daily price change of about 11%.

TokenTact permits you to seize whatever opportunity even while you sleep! Build Strategy with TokenTact today to manage your coins BTC every moments. You can use these operators if you want to relate two actions directly.

We have started by integrating Uniswap and we will add similar integrations in the future. The Uniswap Interface provides access to a decentralised protocol on various public blockchains, including but not limited to Ethereum, that allow users to trade certain compatible digital assets. The RSI must be above 70 in a time frame of 4-hours (i.e., looking at the 4-hr chart) to open the position.

Finally, you can create a trading strategy based on the technical indicators provided by TokenTact. Over 150 trading templates help users to create a bot in minutes from the very first login. TokenTact’s support team is also extremely responsive via Live Chat and email. Mudrex has put in the work to ensure beginner traders with zero coding knowledge can use their bot successfully and make profits. The rule builder is based on a visual block logic to connect the different sections of the trading system. Did you wish you had invested in Bitcoin on Gemini at that time?