Rules & Regulations


On 13th & 14th January, 2018

at venue of




Organized in association with:

IMSC Motorsport

Supplementary Regulations

Approved by FMSCI

(National Sports Federation recognized by the Government of India)


POPULAR Autocross for 4 Wheelers, will run in compliance with the international sporting code of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), (and its appendices), the applicable Autocross General Prescriptions of The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) and these Supplementary Regulations.

Modification, amendments and/or changes to these Supplementary regulations will be announced only by numbered and dated bulletins (issued by the organizers or the stewards.)

The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) is the ASN of FIA in India, approved by the Government of India and affiliated to the Indian Olympic Association.


Every person or group of persons, organizing a competition or taking part therein:

•Shall deemed to be acquainted with the International Sporting code of the FIA
•All competitors should sign the indemnity and declaration, which are enclosed with the entry form
•These are the conditions precedent attached to the submission of entries and taking part in an event and all competitors participating in the meet shall be bound by them and also the rules and regulations hereinafter set out or amendments made thereto
•Shall undertake to submit themselves without reserve to the above and to the decisions and the consequences resulting there from.


1          Programme                                                       2

2          Organization                                                    3

3          General Conditions                                            4

4          Entrants Obligation                                             6

5          Scrutiny and briefing meeting                              6

6          Format of the event                                            6

7          Indemnity                                                       7

8          Insurance                                                       7

9          Advertising                                                     8

10         Deleted                                                         8

11         Penalties                                                       9

12         Protests and Appeals                                         9

13         Prizes                                                          10

14         Additional Notes                                                10


Opening of EntriesWith Publication of SR
Closing of Standard EntriesThursday 11th Jan 201817:00 Hrs
Closing of Late EntriesFriday 12th Jan 201813:00 Hrs
Pre-Event Scrutiny(Kerala) Friday 12th Jan 201813:00 - 20:00 Hrs
09:00 - 10:00 Hrs
(Outstation) Saturday 13th Jan 201809:00 - 12:00 Hrs
Driver’s BriefingSaturday 13th Jan 201812:30 Hrs
Official Practice(Kerala) Friday 12th Jan 201812:30 - 14:00 Hrs
(Outstation) Saturday 13th Jan 201809:30 - 11:00 Hrs
Start (Preliminary Rounds)Saturday 13th Jan 201813:00 Hrs
Final RoundsSunday 14th January13:00 Hrs
Declaration of Provisional ResultsSunday 14th January16:30 Hrs
Declaration of Official ResultsSunday 14th January17:00 Hrs
Prize DistributionSunday 14th January17:30 Hrs

1.2 Official Notice Boards
Petes Automotive Office
MG Road Cochin, Kerala
CIAL Convention centre

Up to 11th Jan 2018

From 12th Jan 2018


The track has adequate Safety Barricades, and there will be One Trauma Ambulance and One Normal Ambulance. There will be adequate Fire extinguishers at Every Marshal Points. There will be additional security for spectator control and there are almost 40 marshals at the track.
There will adequate police personnel to man the Spectators.


Organizer                                                          :           Pete’s Automotive Products, Cochin

Popular Automobiles, Cochin

In Association With                                            :           IMSC Motor Sport, Mangalore

2.1.       Organizing Committee


Johnny Paul (Popular Automobiles)Soman K Joseph (MRF Tyres)
Peter K Chacko (Petes Automotive Pvt. Ltd)Pramod P Thevannoor (SCMS College)
Thomas George Muthoot (Muthoot Group)Joy P Jacob (Sec. MMMCH)


Musa SherifAshwin Naik
Sanoob MCJacob Elias
Mathew JoshuaKuriakose Elias Paarel

2.2.       Officials of the Meet

Chief StewardSanjay B C
StewardShajan Daniel
StewardMoorthy PVS
ScrutineerJohn Pettah
Clerk of the CourseAshwin Naik
Dy. Clerk of the CourseMusa Sherif
Secretary of the MeetAkshay
Competition Relations OfficerSiraj Ahmed
Chief Track MarshalAnil Mundodi
Chief StarterAkhil
Finish Line Co-OrdinatorHolla
Result Co-OrdinatorJaffer
Chief Lap RecorderAutomatic Timing
Chief Safety OfficerShanoob MC
Chief Medical OfficerTBA

2.2        Rights and Obligations of the Organizers

 Written Bulletins when issued shall be signed by each participant as proof of receipt and shall have the same legal force as the supplementary regulations. All Bulletins will be communicated dated and sequentially numbered. These Bulletins shall have the force (and will constitute an integral part) of the regulations and will be posted at the venue.

2.2.1     Amendments to the Regulations

  • Amendments to these regulations may only be made as per sporting code and general prescriptions of FMSCI. The competitors would be informed of any amendments as soon as possible. Any amendments/Additional provisions would be announced via dated and sequentially numbered bulletins – which form an integral part of these supplementary regulations: printed on yellow papers. These bulletins will be posted at the official; notice board and shall also be communicated to the competitors.
  • The stewards of the meet are empowered to take a decision on any case not covered by the present regulations.
  • The organizers may, at their discretion abandon, cancel or postpone the meet, in case of unforeseen circumstances with the approval of FMSCI / Stewards.
  • The stewards of the meet and/or the clerk of the course reserve the right to delete and/or change any part of the route should they deem necessary due to force majeure or for any other safety reason.
  • The organizers reserve the right to refuse the entry of any entrant or participant and will give sufficient reason for such a refusal.

Article 3:                      GENERAL CONDITIONS

3.1        Generalities

3.1.1     Status of the Event       :           open

3.1.2     FMSCI Permit No.         :

3.1.3     Event Headquarters: Petes Automotive Pvt Ltd., MG Road, Kochi, Kerala

3.1.4     Event Venue: CIAL Grounds, Nedumbaserry, Kochi, Kerala


3.2        Description of the Circuit        

Place                            :           CIAL Grounds, Nedumbasserry, Kochi, Kerala

Surface                         :           Gravel/Dirt/Loose Soil

3.3        Entrants Eligibility and Obligations    

  • Any person who is holding a valid Indian Driving license may enter this event and the minimum requirement is;


FMSCI 2018 4W Club sport competition license @ Rs.472/-


FMSCI 2018 National Autocross / Rally/Race driver Competition license + Individual Entrant license at Rs.2950/- +  3540/-


3.3.2     A letter of authority for the use of the vehicle must be produced from the owner of the vehicle in case the owner is not a member of the crew.

3.3.3     It is compulsory for competitor vehicle to have rally cover insurance for the period of the event. Entrant/Drivers attention is particularly drawn to the fact that the normal motor policies issued in India do not provide cover for motor sports. Special Insurance cover is mandatory.

3.3.4     Under the laws of the country, it is mandatory that any accident out of which a claim may arise be reported to the nearest police station.

3.3.5     An Amateur and/or First timer eligible for this event is hereby described as an entrant who has not participated and won prizes in any sort or form of four wheeler motor sporting events such as, rallies on-road and off-road, road and circuit racing, hill climbs, off-road four wheel drive challenges, drag races, auto crosses etc.

3.4        Vehicle Eligibility           :           Irrespective of Stock/Modified

3.4.1     This event is open to ALL types of (four wheelers) Saloon Cars, and Gypsy SUV Manufactured or Sold in India through regular nationwide dealers and registered with the RTO.

  • Unstable vehicles with a high centre of gravity and a narrow track, including Jeeps, SUVs, MUV’s, minivans, and 2WD/4WD pickups, and Vehicles without proper Hard Top is excluded from this event. Participating Gypsy vehicles should have Minimum Hard Tops and/or Roll cages. Soft tops are not permitted.
  • Classes are formed irrespective of it condition ie. Stock, Pro stock and/or modified and irrespective of Diesel, Petrol combustion engines.
  • Whichever mode, the respective CC should not be crossed in respective classes.
  • All Classes specified in this event Supplementary Regulations will be open for participation by all Makes.
  • The driver &/or entrant is solely responsible for the correct determination of the vehicles class/group and its entry in the respective group.
  • Stock Vehicles and vehicles with lesser capacity are permitted to compete in the Open Class
  • In ladies class any car irrespective of CC’s or modifications can compete.
  • In Class 1 to 3 , If the number of the verified unique entrants in a class is below Five, this class will be amalgamated with the class or classes above to attain the minimum number. In any case Kerala Amateur Class will not be merged with other classes.
  • If after amalgamation the number of verified entries is still below Five then only the first prize will be given
  • Factory fitted (OE) Forced induction (Turbocharger, supercharger etc.) equipped vehicles will attract a multiplication factor to their stated cubic capacity.
  • A factor of 1.7 for all Petrol engine vehicles
  • A factor of 1.5 for all Diesel-powered vehicles
  • The participant would have to declare his Amateur or PRO status in the entry form. However, the determination of the status of participant as Amateur or PRO rests solely with the organizers. Wrong declaration would entail disqualification.
  • After acceptance of the entry the competitor may amend the Group & Class declared

in the entry form prior to scrutineering provided this is informed to the event secretary/organizers and corrected in the entry form and documentation completed.

Modified cars and un restricted modified cars.

  • Any modification to the car as listed below will be eligible to participate only in Open Class.
    • Cars fitted with engines other than it’s original engine (for Eg. A Zen fitted with a Esteem or Baleno Engine).
    • Cars fitted with After Market Turbo Charging/ Supercharging Kits.
  • Addition of NOS kits etc. are not permitted.

3.4.2     Any Type of Fuel is permitted provided it complies with Government/RTO Laws. The noise limits on the car is limited to 100 dB maximum

3.4.3.    Classes to Run – Refer to 3.6

3.4.4     Refer to 3.6

3.4.5     Classes will be deemed to be formed if at least 5 entries start in that class. If less than 5 entries are received. Such entries shall be amalgamated into the next higher class.

3.4.6     In one entry the competitor may replace the car declared in the entry form if required prior to the Scrutiny provided this is informed to the event secretary and corrected in the entry form and insurance taken and scrutiny done for the replaced car. However the entered competitors cannot be changed.

3.4.7     One car entered can be used by up to a max. of Two drivers for this event. However each driver has to complete separate entry forms with the same car No. and also remit separately the entry fee specified. A driver can enter into a maximum of three classes subject to time table of organizer not being disturbed.

3.4.8     Club officials have the right to reject or accept any entries received with sufficient explanation.

3.4.9     The maximum number of entries shall be no more than 150 entrants. The entries will be given on first come first served basis

3.4.10   By signing the entry form, the participant agrees to abide by the FIA  sporting codes and FMSCI regulations and this supplementary regulations.

3.5        Entries

3.5.1     Entry forms duly filled in, confirming to these regulations along with the appropriate standard fees must be submitted to the organizers not later than 1700 Hrs. on Thursday 11th January, 2018 and will be treated as standard entries. Late entries will be received up to Friday 12th January 2018 up to 13:00 hrs. With additional late entry fees. (Spot entries will be decided by the organizers at the venue if very less entries are received during the prescribed time limit)

3.5.2     By the very fact of signing the entry form, the entrant as well as driver submit and bind themselves to resort only to the Autocross General Prescriptions of FMSCI, the International Sporting Code of FIA, these Supplementary regulations for autocross.

3.6        Entry Fees

3.6.1     Entry fees will be as follows:

As this is non champion ship event, Entry is for vehicles as prescribed below  irrespective of its status STOCK, PRO STOCK, MODIFIED and Petrol/Diesel Combustion.

SlClass and DriveCCCCStandard EntryLate Entry FeesRe-entry
FromUp toFee
1Class1 – 2 Wheel Drive1100150010002000
2Class 2 – 2 Wheel Drive11011400250010003000
3Class 3 – 2 Wheel Drive14011650250010003000
4Class 4 – 2 Wheel/4 Wheel DriveOpen250010003000
5Class 5 – 2 Wheel/4 Wheel DriveLadies - Open10005001500
6Class 6 – 4 Wheel DriveGypsy Only10005001500
7Class 7 – 2 Wheel/4 Wheel DriveKerala Amateur Open10005001500

All entry fees prescribed above are inclusive of taxes applicable in India

The entry fee specified include the following:                  One Course Map

One Supplementary Regulation

Additional to Entry Fee:

a          FMSC1 Clubsport 4-w licence fee per person      :             472.00

  1. Additional Indemnity                                          :             100.00

Note:  Clubsport license to be applied for online by going to >> Forms >> Competition license-Online

3.6.2     Payment

Entry Fees should be paid in cash at the time of registration. Cheques/Credit cards etc. not         accepted.

An entrant will be allowed to participate only if the payment is done in full.

3.6.3     Refunds

Registration fee will be refunded only in case the event does not take place.

No Refund will be given if the competitor car is rejected at technical scrutiny

The organizers will refund 50% of the entry fees to those competitors who for reason of Force     Majeure (duly accepted by the organizing committee) were unable to start the autocross

Article 4:          ENTRANTS OBLIGATION

4.1        Document Submission

Competitors are required to be present in person and required to bring:

  1. Vehicle Registration Book with Tax paid plate and Pollution Certificate
  2. Civil driving license
  3. FMSCI license (OR fee of 472.00 with application for competition licence)
  4. Insurance for the Vehicle
  5. Rally Cover / Indemnity Form Signed
  6. 2 x Photographs
  7. Authority letter from the owner of the car, if the driver is not the owner of the car.

The competitors are required to carry all the above documents throughout the Event.

4.2        Safety              

4.2.1     Seat belts for Drivers are Mandatory.

4.2.2     During the event all drivers participating should wear a Branded ISI marked Safety Helmet and     shall be properly harnessed in the safety belt.

4.2.3     The Stewards may at their sole discretion disqualify a competitor who is deemed unfit for reasons of Health or consumption of/or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


5.1        All cars will have a general pre-event scrutiny prior to start.

Place                :           CIAL Grounds

Date and time   :           Friday 12th January 2018                        13:00- 20:00 Hrs

Saturday 13th January 2018 (Kerala)        08:00- 10:00 Hrs

Saturday 13th January 2018  (outstation)  08:00- 12:00 Hrs

5.2        The compulsory drivers briefing will be held on Saturday 13th January 2018 at 12:30 Hrs

Post event Scrutineering is applicable at the discretion of the Scrutineer only for competitors       placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd, in each class/group and if they are disqualified the next competitors in         placing and will be conducted upon completion of their rounds of each class/group

Article 6:          FORMAT OF THE EVENT

6.1        Course walk / Practice Lap

Only One free practice Lap will be given (as per Art. No. 1.1) per driver, even though he may have entered in different classes.

6.2        Start/Finish

6.2.1     All vehicles to be started from a standing start with the engines running. One car at a time.

6.2.2     The first Starting class in first run will be the cars which are ready in line irrespective of their class or group;

6.2.3     Cars will be started immediately upon earlier car completing the stage

The finish line will be clearly indicated.

6.2.4     A run is counted once the car has crossed the start line on its own engine power.

6.2.5     A re-run will be given only if a red flag is raised due to safety reasons

6.2.6     If race is stopped due to safety reason re-run will be given.

6.2.7     In case of accidents and technical failures, and vehicles that cannot cross finish line on its own power, the entrant will be ruled as DNF (Did not Finish)

6.2.8     A Red Flag signal will be given to stop the race at any time including any safety reasons. No       other flag signals are given.

6.2.9     Any driver accidentally breaking the course or leaving the marked area of the track shall re-join the course at the point where his vehicle had left it or in a place without making a short cut. Any infringement of this rule may entail disqualification

6.2.10   Any Driver touching the tyres, boxes any markers kept at the sides of the track or breaking the runners at the side of the track will be penalised for each occurrence. The same penalty will be levied for touching of tyres at the chicane. The judges of fact’s judgement regarding the above will be final.

6.2.11   No short cuts are allowed. Also, wrong course direction not allowed and these would lead to       DNF and disqualification.

6.3        Timing

6.3.1     Start will be given either with a Manual count down

6.3.2     Each car and each run will be individually timed at the finish line.

6.4        False Start

If an entrant makes a false start, penalties as specified herein will be applicable

6.5        Ranking

            The event is run on a qualifying basis for the Finals.

            The Qualifying rounds will be run on Saturday 13th January 2018

All entrants will be given one (1) course run only during the 1st round and the quickest time out of this run after adding the penalties will be counted for declaring the 1st round finalists in the respective Class/Groups. From Each Group the best timed three (3) competitors will be selected as 1st round Finalists.


All entrants who have not qualified in the 1st Course Run may be given an opportunity for a 2nd course run at a prescribed fee stated in the entry fees. However this will be done at the discretion of the organizers at that time, if logistics, time and weather permits.

In this 2nd course run, two (2) competitors each in their class who makes the quickest time will be selected and join the already selected three (3) finalists and will be allowed to enter the Final.

(If the 2nd Course run cannot be run as prescribed above, two (2) more competitors who has done the quickest timing in each class in the first course run will be selected and join the already selected three (3) competitors for final round.


The Finals will be run on Sunday 14th January 2018

In the Final round the ranking will be as per their quickest time out of this run after adding the penalties and will be counted for declaring the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winner in each class.

6.6        Tie-Breaker

In case of a tie, the competitors tied are required to re-run once more to break the tie if time and weather permits. If the tie is not resolved, winner will be the driver with the least number of   penalty points. If the tie is still not resolved, the award/s will be divided amongst both the           competitors.

6.7        Post Event Scrutiny

After completion of the course by one group/class, the best timed 3 competitors will be requested to proceed to Parc ferme for 30 minutes and then a scrutiny conducted if required, particularly to verify the turbo factors if necessary and If          any technical infringement is found in the entry and on any car, that competitor will be disqualified and the next      best timed person scrutinized and awarded the time/Placement.

6.8        Results

As soon as scrutiny is completed the results will be tabulated and signed by COC and announced to the competitors and a list posted on the official notice board with their run times. Final Official Classification will be published after Approved by the Stewards. Overall fastest times of the day will be Approved by the Steward

Article 7:          INDEMNITY

All entrants must sign the indemnity declaration along with the entry form

Article 8:          INSURANCE

8.1        Participants

  1. Vehicle Insurance


All Vehicles of the Participants must have minimum third party insurance and advised to have a Special Motorsports cover (Rally cover), valid for the period of the Event and/or should sign a separate Indemnity Declaration absolving the Organizers and FMSCI From any liabilities.

  1. Personal Accident policy

It is strongly advised that Every Driver is required to obtain a Personal Accident Benefit Insurance including hospitalisation benefit Plan for minimum of Rs. 2,50,000/-. He / She will have to produce a proof of such insurance at pre-event scrutiny.

Each participant will also be covered under the Group Insurance policy under the FMSCI permit ONLY DURING THE RUNNING OF THE EVENT.


8.2        Officials

All officials connected with the event are covered under group insurance policy under permit conditions of FMSCI ONLY DURING THE RUNNING OF THE EVENT,


8.4        In the event of an accident, the competitor or his representative should notify the clerk of the       Course in writing.

8.5        Any other vehicles other than those for whom competition plate nos. are given as per the            entry form may never be considered as official participants in the event.  They are therefore not covered by the FMSCI insurance policy of the event and will remain sole responsibility of the owners /drivers.

8.6       The FMSCI Insurance cover will be applicable strictly for any accident or mishaps occurring inside the official course/track during an official timed run. Any accident or mishaps inside/outside the track           or course which is not official will remain sole responsibility of the owners.


Article 9:          ADVERTISING

9.1        It is compulsory to carry organizers rally plates it is also compulsory to carry organizer provided advertisements on the competing vehicles. Competitors are allowed to carry any kind of      advertisement on the vehicle provide that;

  1. It is authorized by the National laws and FMSCI regulations
  2. It is not likely to cause any offence.
  3. It is not political or religious in nature

9.2        Competitors who do not wish to carry the compulsory advertisement of the organizers shall pay another additional fee of ₹3000.00 per car to the organizers.

Article 11:         PENALTIES

Reasons                                               Start                 Disqualified      Penalty             DNF

Refused                                    Time

1          Entry Fees Not Paid                              Yes

2          Scrutineering

  1. No Seat Belts Yes
  2. Seats Not Fixed Properly Yes
  3. Head Lights Not working Yes
  4. Bad Tyres and Brakes Yes
  5. Loose items in car Yes

3          Late reporting at Start by 5 minutes        Yes

4          Over speeding or doing unsafe

Practice manoeuvre rounds in

and around the Track premises                                      Yes

5          Unsporting behaviour                                                    Yes

6          Missing Identification Marks                                           Yes

7          Fraud                                                                            Yes

8          Travel in opposite direction                                            Yes

9          Car unable to start within 20 sec at start line                    Yes

10         Over speed after stop finish line                                                Yes

11         Lateness on part of crew per minute (upto 4 mins)                                  5 Sec

12         False start

1st offence                                                                                           5  Sec

2nd Offence                                                                                          10  Sec

3rd Offence                                                                                          15 Sec

4th Offence                                                                   Yes

13         Cutting corners  above ½ mtr                                         Yes

13.3      Cutting and crossing the track                                        Yes

15         Not finishing course                                                                                                      Yes

16         Hitting time control or marshal stations                                                                           yes

17         Hitting Specified Cones or Tires or markers                                            1 sec per hit

DNF = Did Not Finish

Article 12:         PROTESTS AND APPEALS

12.1      The time limit for protest against Provisional Results is within 30 minutes after the results are       declared on the Official Notice Board at the finish venue.

12.2      Any protest must be made in writing and submitted to the COC along with the protest fee.

12.3      The sum of Protest fee is Rs.7080/- . If the protest is unfounded this amount will not be returned back.

If the Protest requires the dismantling and Re assembling clearly defined pats of a car, the          claimant must pay an additional deposit of `6000/-.

The expenses incurred for the work and by the transport of the car shall be borne by the protester if the protest is unfounded, or by the competitor against whom the protest is lodged if it             is upheld.

If the Protest is Unfounded, and if the expenses incurred by the protest (scrutinizing, transport    etc) are higher than the amount of the deposit, difference shall be borne by the Claimant.      Conversely, if the expenses are less, the difference shall be returned to them.

12.4      Any ruling by the stewards shall be final and subject only to the right of appeal as provided for in the FIA Sporting Code.

12.5      The Appeal procedure will as per the FIA Sporting Code. . The appeal fee as set by FMSCI is Rs.1,13,280/- with Rs.56,640/- to be paid along with intention to appeal in writing, and the balance of Rs. 56,640/-  to be paid with grounds of appeal within 96 hours.

Article 13:         PRIZES AND CUPS

  • Prize distribution will be held at the autocross venue, on Sunday 14th January 2018 at 1730 Hrs

13.2   Prizes

ClassDescription1st Prize2nd Prize3rd Prize
1Class 1 - up to 1100cc1200080004000
2Class 2 - up to 1400cc20000120007000
3Class 3 - up to 1650cc20000120007000
4Class 4 - Open Class300002000015000
5Ladies Open1200080004000
6Gypsy ClassTrophy OnlyTrophy OnlyTrophy Only
7Kerala Amateur Open15000100008000

Article 14:            ADDITIONAL NOTES

14.1      Protection of the Environment/Public Sportsmanship

It is to be noted that the event is taking place near the Cochin International Airport and is on the grounds under the Cochin International Airport Administration, completely controlled by the CISF (Central Industrial Security Force)

The Two roads adjacent to the grounds are leading to and out of the International Airport and Competitors are requested not to behave in any unsporting matter on these roads that may jeopardize the running of the event and to observe every road rules outside the track and allow smooth traffic in and out of the airport for the Airport Passengers, Visitors and Employees..

Infringements will lead to CISF, RTO/Traffic Police taking cognizance of the infringement and may even lead to arrest, fines and cases and as per the event regulations there will be further  fines/refusal to start event.

The Organizer will not take any responsibility for RTO/Traffic Police fines or other action for any illegality or safety violations outside the track/venue.

All competitors are requested to protect the environment and avoid accidental spillage of oil on the premises and also take care to deposit any debris or waste food in the waste skips provided in the course area.

Competitors are advised not to carry any Alcoholic Beverages or Illegal Drugs and Substances personally and in their competition vehicles and restrain from smoking in Public.

14.2      General Safety

            It is mandatory for Drivers to wear Helmet during the race

            It is mandatory to wear seat belts during the race

            Pit crew should have at least one fire extinguisher in place

            Even though roll cages are recommended for competing cars, it is not mandatory.